“In this world, there is no bad business, there is bad marketing.”

Majed Abdullah Al-Qasabi

The Minister of Commerce

Lahimam is a Saudi company specialized in integrated marketing solutions

Distinguish us

Research and analysis in a graphical manner based on persuasion and influencing suggestion and address emotion and affection

Our mission

Taking your company into a world of beautiful influence and exclusivity


Digital marketing

We constantly develop digital marketing services 
to make your brand successful and widespread, 
from strategy to implementation and performance reports

Create websites

We design and create different websites with creative user interfaces and experience, 
to be your first gateway to display your products or services.

Advertising campaigns

We lead with high values and passion your new advertising campaigns, to ensure that the desired goals and messages are reached.

Create a brand

We build a distinctive and strong brand for your business and, to express the brand culture and ideas so you will perfectly connects with the customers.-Building a business identity -Reconstructing a business identity -Corporate Profile

Marketing plan

We create, according to the latest international practices, pioneering and appropriate marketing plans for better growth of your business.

Communication strategy

We provide flexible services by designing the most successful communication strategies that are compatible with the type and of your company.

Production of text, visual and audio content

we produce all types of creative text, visual and audio content, to engage with your target customers.

Managing social media accounts

We fully manage and plan the social media accounts of your company to get an effective and distinguished digital presence

why chose us

Because we are committed to working with passion and innovation, and we excel in content that exceeds expectations to achieve success for our partners